Supplier portal

This portal allows the exchange of documents between client and supplier



What it does​

The Supplier portal allows the exchange of documents between client and supplier, in a simple and fast way; each document is marked with a specific work flow. Forget about bulky archives of paper documents!


Who needs it

It is a B2B system aimed at optimising the company’s supply chain, the relations with the suppliers for procurement, the delivery planning, the production monitoring and the support in product development.


What are Supplier portal’s main features​

  • The portal can be managed in house at the client’s location or in cloud, working 24/7 at a 99% uptime;
  • It integrates with the company’s other portals;
  • It is a web app, so you don’t need to install additional software;
  • Each used is marked by a role, so only documents and information related to that role are accessible;
  • The portal works as a translator for different document formats;
  • The exchange track with the informative system can be CSV, TXT, XML, IDoc or a customised exchange; the portal translates different formats received by the supplier into the single exchange format requested by the informative system.

Discover how it works

Sometimes keeping track of all the documents exchanged with your suppliers can be hard. The documents are many, in different formats, that’s why Supplier portal is the tool for you to simplify the management of suppliers and formats for your informative system.



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