T-Link and e-invoicing management



Why you need it​

As required by the 2018’s Budget Law, since January 2019 electronic invoicing is compulsory among private companies. Also since January 2019, the register of income and expenses has been lifted. Since July 2018 the issue of e-invoice for fuel has been mandatory.


How do you transmit B2B invoices

  • Thanks to T-Link you can translate into XML for public administration;
  • Thank to T-Link you can activate the SDI channel
  • Thanks to T-Link you can choose different translations for invoicing, according to the other party’s needs (such as D96A + XML PA, or just XML PA);
  • The informative system issues just one type of document: IDOC, CSV, TXT, XML. So nothing will change for your informative system;
  • T-Link translates into the format and sends through the channel selected by the client (D69A, 90.1, Ansi X12, UBL, Peppol…); also, it translates into the PA format and sends through SDI.

How do you receive B2B invoices issued by suppliers

  • You receive your invoices in XML format, through a direct channel or through a third party;
  • T-Link translates them in IDOC, CSV,TXT or XML, ready to be sent to the informative system;
  • Suppliers can send through SDI, or through other channels too, EDI or SDI.

T-Link’s main features

  • T-Link integrates with account payable and account receivable;
  • It manages delivery failure notices;
  • It guarantees a simplified flow;
  • Plans the delivery of e-invoices, marking the date of sending and reception;
  • Manages notices and waste.

Discover how it works

O&SI offers T-Link: the solution for all companies looking for clear information and to update their invoicing system.



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