Find out how to manage e-invoicing

T-Link manages documents’ exchange in the supply chain

Find out how to manage and simplify the EDI data transmission


E-invoicing between private parties has been mandatory since 1st January 2019, discover how to manage it

Agent/client portal

Allows the exchange of documents between the company and its agents, or between the client directly and public administration

Supplier portal

Forget all the paper documents in your archive and simplify the relations with your suppliers

EDI data transmission

Fasten and ease the relations with all your business partners (EDI or non-EDI); T-Link adapts to every kind of business, in any sector

250 is the number of clients who choose us and our expertise every day

More than 2 millions documents have been exchanged thanks to the T-Link products

The value generated thanks to the tools provided by T-Link


How T-Link works

The T-Link family of products is made up of apps capable of managing:

  • The exchange of documents for e-procurement and SUPPLY CHAIN;
  • The acquisition and management of communication with suppliers for payment, complaints and offers;
  • The communication with agents for commissions, compilation and reception of invoices, order acquisition.


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