Agent/client portal

This portal allows the exchange of documents between the company and agents, clients or the public administration



What it does​

The agent/client portal allows the exchange of documents between your company and the agents, or between the company, your clients or the public administration. It guarantees the complete dematerialisation of paper documents and reduces internal costs!


Who needs it​

It is especially designed for small clients, it optimises the collection of orders, providing a single interface to your company’s informative system


What are the Agent/client portal’s main features

  • It is a multichannel app that manages different channels of transmission, such as EDI (with VANs), FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP (mail), certified email, http;
  • It’s multi-platform. Thanks to its Java development, if you decide to install it in house it can be executed both on Windows or Linux, or any OS that supports Java Virtual Machin (JVM);
  • You don’t need to install any additional software for the users; each user is identified with a role and the portal will display the information and documents for that specific role;
  • The portal is based on WOW-Trade Link. The agent relates to all its clients, while the client only relates to the company.

Discover how it works

The management of orders can be complicated, many documents are involved, with different formats and channels of transmission. This is why the Agent/client portal is a useful tool to simplify the management of orders, agents and clients.



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